Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Airport to Street Style

To get the most out of quick weekend trips, I often go straight from the airport into a full day of sight-seeing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Travelling to Israel


Before I graduated college, I had an amazing opportunity to visit Israel. To preface this, I am not religiously affiliated but I love exploring beautiful places with interesting cultures, and Israel was no exception. From the people to the food to the variety of natural wonders, there was something new to discover everywhere we went. Interesting in taking a trip to Israel? Check out my tips and takeaways.



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paris Travel Style











Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Weekend in Paris

It's no secret that Paris is one of my favorite places in the world. I visit as often as possible - usually every few years - and always discover something new and exciting with every trip. If you have the opportunity to spend a long sejour in Paris and explore every corner of the city, that's great! But even if you only have a weekend or a quick stop on a longer Europe trip, you can still experience la vie parisienne with just a few days with my tips.
  1.  Take one day to explore le rive droit - the Right Bank - and another day to explore le rive gauche - the Left Bank. This makes transit easier and allows you to see the different sides of Paris. For can't-miss lists for each bank, go here: Left Bank and Right Bank.
  2. Use a combination of metro and vos pieds - your feet - to get around efficiently while still seeing the sights of the city. For a weekend trip, don't bother with a Navigo pass: buy your metro tickets in the form of a carnet, which is a pack of single-use tickets. Keep your ticket on your person until you complete your ride and any transfers, as the police occasionally check to make sure there are no illegal riders.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a sensible bag so you don't have to return to your hotel during the day. I recommend ankle boots and a zip-up tote like a Longchamp. And bring a water bottle, jacket and umbrella!
  4. Plan to eat outside of major tourists zones. The food is better and tends to be better-priced. My favorite ways to enjoy food are cafes in the morning, picnicking in the park for lunch and settling into a brasserie for dinner.
  5. Prioritize your favorite two or three museums. For a weekend, it's hard to see more than a few museums while still enjoying all the streets of Paris have to offer. My personal can't-miss list includes: Musee d'Orsay, Musee de L'Orangerie and Musee Rodin. Les Invalides is perfect if you love the history of war more than art.
  6. Avoid going up in the Eiffel Tower. It's a major time suck and better views of Paris can be found from the Tour de Montparnasse, Montmartre, the Arc du Triomphe and the roof of the Galeries Lafayette.
  7. Pay attention to openings and closings. Many shops and restaurants close on Sunday, and most museums close on Monday or Tuesdays. Additionally, the famous Bastille Market is only open on Sundays and Thursdays, and the Champs Elysees closes to car traffic one Sunday per month.
For more on planning a Paris trip, check my Paris tag!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Packing List for the Beach

Another packing post is coming your way and I'm very excited about it, because Spring Break is next week! Okay, so I'm going to be stuck at home working to make money for a different beach trip, but still. 'Tis the season. Packing for the beach seems like a no-brainer, but I seem to always over-pack, under-pack, or forget one crucial item that throws a wrench in the whole vacation (namely, when my sister gets stung by a jellyfish on a remote Caribbean island).

I love the ocean. If given the chance and there aren't bull sharks in the vicinity, I will spend all day underwater, so I always bring my flippers, mask and snorkel. If you're the more lounge and read a book on the beach type, don't worry, I've catered this list for you. Fellow ocean adventurers already know what to bring for their snorkel/scuba needs.

For clothes, keep it simple. Use pieces you can mix and match, as well as transition from day to night. Dresses that you throw over your swimsuit during the day make great outfits for dinner and dancing, as do maxi skirts, chambray tops, and a classic white tank and jean cutoff combo for a casual day look. I also love a nautical striped shirt for the beach - festive and a great way to cover up if you acquire an ugly sunburn. Rompers are made for vacation because they're perfect over a bikini or with sandals for lunch.

I always bring two types of bikinis with me. One, I call the "waterpark" swimsuit. Because no matter what slide your in or wave you encounter, your goods stay locked up securely in that suit. When someone decides para-sailing is a great idea, you want this with you. Bring that stringy bikini you look awesome in, but save it for the day you're planning on napping and tanning by the pool.

Accessories for the beach are simple, because you don't want to be wearing a ton when it's hot and sandy. I recommend simply, sturdy jewelry, a head wrap for windy days when your hair is out of control, and a hat to keep your face out of the UV rays. Sunglasses are obviously a necessity, as is a good beach bag as well as a sturdy purse. Leave anything leather or delicate at home. You'll only need three types of shoes for a beach vacation: sandals, white sneakers, and wedges. You can take these from day to night, for adventurous activities or partying at a club. And please, invest in a waterproof phone case.

Pack a beach bag! There's too much to keep up with in a small purse or shopping bag. You'll need a big beach towel, a queen-sized sheet to keep the sand off you, sunscreen, after-sun lotion for when your sunscreen fails you, salt spray for your hair to get a great beachy effect, drinks to keep you hydrated, and snacks so you never have to leave the sun. I always bring two pair of sunglasses to the beach, because I'm great at breaking or losing them. Lip balm for me is a must; dry lips drive me crazy and the hot, salty air does a number on them. Bring a book and a frisbee to keep you entertained, and something like vinegar or meat tenderizer in the event that someone is stung by a jellyfish.

What are your beach essentials?